Are and Mare talking about Lotteries. As it goes on they talk about modern gambling and old style gambling. As usual Mare seeya has lots of stories to share which are very funny.

My favourite quote : "Malli, sweep eke Basso dennai oyai thun denai"

Duration : 14:58 Mins
File Size : 6.85 MB
First Air Date : unknown
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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey man, you are doin' a grt job. but many of Are n Mare fans have all these clips. Aren't there any new ones? i mean this program aired more than 2 years(I guess), Vfm also aired this program recently. so there must be some stuff man... anyway thanx 4 ur effort. keep it up.
    I really enjoyed Are n Mare. it's the best radio program ever. if anyone know how to contact Suneth or Gaminda plz let me know

  2. Kamsy Says:

    Yeah you are correct, many may have most of these. But my goal is to create a single place with all the Are n Mare audio clips. If you have anything please share with me, so I can share with others and hopefully with many many generations to come.
    About contact details of Suneth & Gaminda, I will try to get some email ids from them for all the fans here. And also a exclusive interview with them very soon will be available here.


  3. Fireball Says:

    Machang Kamsy,

    I'm a "Are and Mare" fan who had the chance of listening those only because you uploaded them. Please keep up the good work machang. I know apart from me there are several others like me also enjoys them. Keep them coming. To tell you I'm checking your page at least once a day to check for new entries.

  4. CJ Says:

    hey Kamsy,

    Thanx for sharing these nice clips. Plz add more... But I'd like if u can upload somewhere else other than prefer Rapidshare most..

  5. Kamsy Says:

    I am using Ziddu purely coz it doesnt delete any files. Rapidshare does delete files after sometime if there are no downloads. My goal is to have these files available for very long time. Can you please let me know what are the issues you are facing with Ziddu.