If you are planning to compete in new year sports, this episode will give you some tips and trick to win games. These tricks are very funny hope this will give you all the fans a great kick start for the season. Also I take this opportunity to wish all the fans a FABULOUS FESTIVAL SEASON AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

My favourite quote : "Kotta pora gahanna ona na baruwa nemei, wadak na ne..."

Duration : 16:07 Mins
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First Air Date : unknown
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  1. sadeep Says:

    ela.. thnx for d update. i constantly check ur blog. keep it up..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    nice machan but do this:

  3. snjflame Says:

    sorry, i've deleted that blog


  4. Nilmini Says:

    Thanks ... Are and Mare is the Funniest to day. Keep posting ... Thanks again for your good Job ..

  5. sadeep Says:

    bro, y rnt u updating this blog... we are waiting for new stuff. pls update if possible