Mare seeya has come up with an innovative business idea. As he always does he is explaining his brilliant idea to Are seeya. This is one of the best guys hope you all will enjoy this

My Favourite quote : "Meeka kaawama meeya marenne oluwa hath kadakata palila"

Download Link : Click Here
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  1. Ashen Says:

    Wow Thanks

  2. GayanNR Says:

    Thanx for maintaining this blog dude, I'm a big fan-boy of this series and have plenty of episodes recorded by myself, but missing "Awaare Siripadha " one, Do you happen have that episode ? please let me know, I can also share my recordings with you :)


  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Kamsy Says:

    Hi Gayan,

    Thanks alot, I checked my list and couldnt find it. If I get it surely I will share it with all of you. Please share what ever you have with all of us.