Another Old vs Modern comparision, this time the duo talk about radio shows. This is very funny and hope you all will enjoy this.

My favourite quote : "Ehenam obata LEEBA JAAYAROOPA shilpiyo wethin thagi BAUWSARAYK labewi"

Duration : 14:34 Mins
File Size : 13.6 MB
First Air Date : unknown
Download Link : Click Here

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  1. mydreamz Says:

    Funniest radio programe !!
    thanx 4 sharing
    i like both Suneth and Gaminda they did some great programs
    once again thanx 4 adding these

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for Sharing

  3. Anonymous Says:

    File not found...
    Please upload again.

  4. Nayanapriya Says:

    නියම වැඩක් මචන්. මේ file එක download කරන්න බෑ. ඒක delete කරලා. ආයෙත් upload කරලා link එක දාන්න.