This episode starts with Mare seeya describing an accident of a cat. As the conversation develops they talk about modern technology. As usual it develops to a Modern vs Old debate. There are lot of great funny stories our old duo shares with us in this episode. I hope this will be a great New Year gift for all the Are n Mare fans.

Wish you all a very happy new year 2010!

My favourite quote : "Me paththen Tin eka dammama eha paththen eluwo enawa kos kola kaka"

Duration : 12:53 Mins
File Size : 12.4 MB
First Air Date : unknown
Download Link : Click Here

If you have not listened to the 31st Night episode of Are n Mare which I uploaded last year enjoy it this year;
31st night with are saha mare

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2 Responses
  1. Lahiru Says:

    Wish u d sme...thnks 4 uploading'

    they 'al r great

  2. Thanks machan api balan innawa thawa danakan :)