Here is another very funny episode of Are and Mare. In this episode the duo is having a Paduru Party. Most of the songs are old to Are n Mare fans but still hillarious.

Download Link : Donwload from here

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16 Responses
  1. Nadeera sandaruwan Says:

    oya karana me wade niyamai yaluwa..

  2. Dulaj ( Says:

    Good job mate.. Keeps posting more... I'm coming here every once a week to see if there are any updates...

  3. Dulaj Says:

    There's only half of the clip... Reupload

  4. Kamsy Says:

    Sorry about that. I have fixed the issue please download it now.

  5. Dulaj Says:

    @ Kamsy- Thanks mate... Waiting for more!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for sharing these valuable clips.
    Anyway can you upload this to a different location.
    I Cannot download from the given link due to regular disconnects.

  7. Kamsy Says:

    Now you can listen it on this site it self. Hope it will reduce the hassel. Also I will be adding this to all the past episodes.

  8. Sanjaya Says:

    Niyamai oya thiyenne aluth ewa
    thawa ewa danna api balan innawa...

  9. sanjaya Says:

    Thawa aluth ewa oneeeeeee
    ikmanata danna koooooo

  10. Anonymous Says:

    ela ela machan,thava daapan

  11. Anonymous Says:

    AIYO KOO ALUTH EWA NADDA??????????????????????????????

  12. Anonymous Says:

    meka nam marai ,,man gawa 100 withara thiyenawa

    olalata ona nam call karanna ,,,mata upload karanna time akak na

  13. Koo wena naddda?????????
    apo api godak kal idan balan innawa

  14. Anonymous Says:

    thawa ewa post karannako. niyamai wade. ei thawama aluth ewa naththe ?

  15. jchan Says:

    are mare is my favourite audio set. i have 88 clips. good job machan

  16. Anuruddhika Jayasampath Says:

    How can i download these. Do i have to login or somthing?